Koenigsegg Regera – First Fully Robotic Car?

Let’s just take a moment..

The Koenigsegg Regera is literally the next step in super car technology. Let’s just take a minute to check out it’s amazing developments.



Okay so as you guys know I am a bit of a fanboy for cars like this, I own a Toyota GT86 and that was my achievable dream car which I am proud of, but this thing is on a whole different level of dreams!

Shall we dive into the Tech?


This thing boasts to be the first car to be fully robotic controlled, which you would think would really weigh the car down, this is not the case however as Koenigsegg have designed the hydraulic engines to power the doors, rear wing, hood, rear boot and even the side mirrors with all this weighing  an extra 5kg – This brings the total dry weight of the car to a ridiculously light 1420kg.

Not only is this light weight technological advance it’s also a tech nerd’s dream come true with the possibility of each component being controlled by your smartphone, be it Apple or Android!


Once inside the car, you will be greeted with a nice clear 9″ tablet in the center console giving you full access to all of the controllable feature that we just talked about along with your typical windows, air flow control, radio etc.

That 9″ display is quite amazing as it does not have the typical pressure sensor touch screen, Koenigsegg have worked together with their friends to design a infrared touch system that allows for any surface to control the system – I have a feeling that was designed with the cold winters they have in Sweden allowing for full gloved control.

What’s in it?

This car is powered by a 5.0 liter V8 internal combustion engine (Koenigsegg call it the ICE) paired up with the hybrid KDD (Koenigsegg Direct Drive) system and pumps out a whopping 1500 Hp! It’s interesting because this car actually does not have a regular transmission. They say;

‘The three electric motors constitute the most powerful electrical motor set-up in production car history, replacing the gears of a normal transmission while adding; power, torque, torque vectoring and yet still able to remove weight.’ – Koenigsegg.com/regera



It’s strange to say but to keep this beast alive it needs power – literally. The power plug is situated under the rear registration plate, which is fully robotic controlled by the way, with a EV plug feature using a type 2 mode 3 charging port meaning that the Direct Drive Battery can be charged by the car’s engine or through the standard charging port. When designing this battery system they have also kept in mind carbon emissions and fuel economy by implementing a system called Battery Drain Mode, turning the car fully electric when the battery is almost depleted low or close to a charging point. This drains the battery so that when the destination is reached the battery can undergo a full recharge from 0% to 100%.



Well I really do get over excited when I see something like this, the technology that has been build into this amazing car just never ceases to amaze me. You all know I can’t resist a great looking car and when it’s fully loaded like something from James Bond well I can’t resist writing about it!

Hope you enjoyed this – be sure to leave me your opinions on this car!

  • Michael.


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