Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Well this is a big question..

I get asked this question almost everyday so I think it’s time to write and answer. 


I personally have taken a while to form an opinion on the new oporating system, when it first came out it had everyone scratching their heads. Why would Microsoft just simply ‘giveaway’ a brand new oporating system? Not only that why did they force everyone to download it?

Well I would say the answer to both of those questions would be marketing. Microsoft knew that Windows 8 was a flop with the majority of people because of its tablet interface. To show the world that they were sorry they quickly developed 10 and sent it out to the public for ‘free’, which personally I admire Microsoft for acknowledging they messed up. However this notion of being a ‘free’ product has caused me some issues in my day to day work and here is why;


1. Nothing is free. Throughout the system Windows has put various advertising around the place which is definitely unwelcome. On the other hand they have to fund their work so I guess there is two side of every coin. There is nothing stopping you disabling the ads so at least you have freedom. 

2. Download. Being forced onto people through a desktop pop up containing clever marketing buzz words scared a lot of people into jumping on board the hype train. I work daily with people that say they were told they ‘needed’ to upgrade – well this was not the case. The same people are complaining that they have gone over their monthly data allowance as a result of this. In Australia we don’t have the best quality of Internet and wireless is very expensive especially when you go over your usage. So as you can imagine this caused big billing issues because people were not properly educated about the size of the system download.


3. Updates. The one thing that annoys me is having to update my system every five minutes with no noticeable changes. My pic workes at full capacity when it came out of the box, it doesn’t need to change anything to get any better, this is why I always turn my updates off whenever I see a computer, in my line of work it ends up causing less trouble in the long run for both me and my customers. 

Aside the negative, Windows 10 has a lot of great features, one mainly being its lightweight operations. This oporating system can somehow run on old systems that even XP failed to work on. I have tested this personally with an old school bulky laptop that we tried to rebuild with XP but failed, as a joke we threw 10 onto it and success! Strange I know us I’ll give them a positive for that. 

Other great features include the pre installed programs, for example the Mail app is seriously slick and useful. Once you have booted your PC your mail app with download all the latest emails from multiple accounts with ease. The mail app also comes pre loaded with all the major email accounting settings such as Gmail, iCloud, yahoo, outlook and more which is a massive improvement on Windows 8’s Microsoft only accounts. 


Let’s take a moment to talk about aesthetics. The system looks beautiful and slick, I will admit I can see the design aspects taken from iOS but I guess if someone is doing something right then they’d be ignorant to not take it on board. Things like the multi task windows have a distinct glass look and i am digging the black/grey themed start bar and settings panel. 



Bringing the classic start menu back into the design was a silent victory for all Windows users in 10. So many people complained about not having a navigation that they were familiar with was driving people away – and again I take my hat off to Microsoft for listening to the community as not many companies do.

There are so many features great and not so great and these are just a few… And once again this is just my opinions…


So we have a few positives and negatives to look upon as defining deal makers/breakers. I know that everyone has their opinions and I would like to hear what you guys have to say about this. 

My personal verdict is apart from not being able to switch off or disable the constant Windows updates, I believe that this is a good system if you go into it with and open mind and a willingness to adapt to new features. I hope you guys have enjoyed this and let’s see what they’ve got for us in the future. Just remember whatever happens I’ll be covering it, so stay tuned! 


– Michael.


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