How to make money with Network Marketing. 

You’re doing it all wrong.


I’ve been seeing this a lot around my friend circle so I thought I would address this because it’s been on my mind for quite some time.

I think that everyone has a misconception about network marketing and multi level marketing (MLM). The cringey reputation they get of being ‘pyramid schemes’ really defeats a great model that anyone can use. BUT the main issue is that everyone is going about it wrong.


You know the story, we all have those friends that randomly message us after years and suddenly want to catch up – you know they’re going to try to sell you something.

‘I think this could really benefit you!’ – Them.


This is exactly the problem, as soon as anyone pitches these kinds of programs, products and schemes without building a relationship, you’ll bring up your customers defensive walls faster than a model S Tesla gets from 0-300 kmp/h. (I like cars.)

Unfortunately half the problem lies with the training these businesses provide. They promise riches and fame and ‘all you have to do is use our products and share them with your friends!’

This is a BIG problem and pisses a lot of people off. Not only is it only partially true and on the surface looks to be straight forward, there’s a few important points that are missed that really need to be addressed.


Step 1. – No One Cares.

I’m going to out this harsh because I love you, but I’m sorry no body cares about your business at face value. Now don’t run off! Please understand that I am trying to help you actually succeed with this and to do that you need to hear it this way – no fluff.

If you randomly came up to me and said hey you NEED to eat this ‘special banana’ I’d most likely be like ‘WOAH, who what when where and why? Get lost.’

The reason being that you’ve come out of nowhere and I don’t know you or what the banana can do for me.

When marketing and selling, arguably one of the MOST important things to make sure you do first is give the other person value and a reason for them to ask: ‘I need this in my life!’.

A great example on how to do this is first show yourself eating the banana, explaining the benefits of the banana and showing how the banana has helped you in your journey to health or whatever. (Obviously the Banana here in this example is your product or service.) 

Suddenly I care about the banana, it makes sense to me as to why I need it because I’ve seen how happy you are and your transformation. Now I want what you have and I want you to show me how.

Boom! Now suddenly I’m your follower and much more likely to buy your banana.

In marketing this is called a ‘Brand Story‘. I’ll be delving more in-depth on this subject in another later post, so be sure to follow!

There is a lot more that goes into this but keep an eye out for another post on Value Fueled Marketing to understand this a bit better.

I’m referencing posts that aren’t live yet, please be patient with me I have a lot to get out there! – Anyway, back to the steps.


2. Social Media and Brand Story.

You’re using the wrong platform. 

Most people cold call and message people directly on Facebook Messenger with no effort put in whatsoever.

Don’t get my wrong, messenger is a great place to speak to people once they’re more aware of your brand, but maybe wait until they ask you first. Because when you start to follow these main steps, they will flood into your inbox guaranteed.

However again, randomly messaging your friends, is not giving that person any value and bringing up their walls immediately.

My suggestion is to use platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, a Facebook fan page, Twitter and most importantly YouTube to create compelling, interesting and engaging content.

Creating valuable content for your social media grows a following organically of people who are actually interested in the subject that you’re surrounding yourself around. Do this for a few months and suddenly you’ve got a bunch of fans that become warm traffic you can almost sell anything to – with tactic of course.

Subscribers on YouTube, followers on the other platforms are super valuable assets and you should always take care to never let them down or break their trust. Perfect nurturing your audience and they will follow you wherever you go.

On a side note: These people are now easy targets for cheeeeeap paid advertising which I will cover in another more in-depth post, so stay tuned to this space!


3. No Sales Funnel.

Woo! Followers!

Okay so you’ve now got an audience that are loving the content that you’re putting out and now they’re ready to be sold to!

But now what?!

  • This is the most important part of the process.

Since it’s proven that cold calling has a low conversion rate, and I know because I’ve done it myself. The only way to get customers buying from you is through a nurturing funnel, generally via Email or now Facebook messenger.

To do this you will need certain software that captures leads/email addresses and automates a series of emails that are sent to the lead automatically through a time frame that you set for them. This can vary between every 3 days to a newsletter that you send out monthly, or both – it’s up to you!

The software that I use for this is GetResponse, you can find out a little more about the features on the Resources page on this site, I go into more depth there.


‘So what is a sales funnel and why do I need it?’ – You.


A sales funnel is a series of emails that the lead goes through where they are given VALUE through 1 – 2 emails before being soft pitched with your product or service – see my GREAT illustration below. 😉

sales funnel

  • This is proven time and time again over the history of the internet to be the way business and lead nurturing works to generate sales automatically – the way all the guru’s preach.

You can also use this template for your Social Media posts too, however I would generally make the sales posts more scarce compared to value content – building trust and respect is our main goal here.

Remember, you don’t want to be directly chasing the sale, people don’t respond well to being directly told to go buy your stuff, this is why we build sales through value.


The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.” ~ Confucius.




In summary, Network Marketing is a valid business model in my opinion – BUT only if it’s done the right way.

The main goal of looking at business on this angle is to make the Network Marketing or MLM company to be apart of YOUR BRAND, not ‘work for them’.

They push so openly with their promises of creating your dreams.. as you build their company with their brand? No thanks, I’d rather you look at them as an accessory to your business and goals because remember;

‘If you’re not building your dreams, someone else will pay you to build theirs.’ ― Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

Leave a comment and share this with your friends that are going down this path to help them succeed, remember it’s harsh because we need to change the mindset that these companies drill unsuccessful business strategies into your mind.


To your success – I know you can do it.

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