Which social media should I use for my business?


Confused as to what to do with all of these platforms?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.


I know that you’re probably wondering what social media is and why it’s relevant to your business for gaining new clients and growth. Below I’ll explain generally the top functions of each platform and why we use them for your business so you’ve got some clarity on which social media you should use.

The way we use social media is exactly like a tool, each tool is used for different parts of the job. When working in social media, this is no different. We like to categorize the different platforms into the following:


Facebook Fan/Business Page:


Facebook is a general media platform, it includes the stories, photo/video posts and text posting that feature in other mediums online. This is a jack of all trades platform that holds powerful targeting that leads into paid advertising. Posting content that you have created for other platforms here is a great way to have an active page and re purpose content.

Facebook fan/business pages now have a ‘story’ feature that integrates with Instagram’s story feature, so now you only need to post stories once!

Needles to say, check out my Facebook page for tips: michaelstechbar




Twitter is a great place to blast information like quick updates, general Q&A’s and polls. There are generally no limit to the amount of tweeting that you could be doing each day as opposed to other platforms.

Polling your audience and getting feedback is a powerful tool for any business. Being able to gauge how and what your customers respond to is imperative for providing the right solutions as a business.

The best use for Twitter in my opinion is using it for a support platform, an @askYourBusiness for example. Customers can use this to easily contact you for a short response questions or find out when you’re closed or going on holidays. This becomes more of an activity feed which keeps your audience up to date, which is also very important.

If you need to ask me anything in a pinch, you can also follow my Twitter and tweet me @michaelstechbar




Snapchat appeals to a younger audience due to its limited time of availability. Most younger audiences like to keep up with what the business’s journey and the story that it’s telling. This is depending on your niche and personality as Snapchat can have a range of results.

With this platform I would suggest experimentation, as it may or may not serve your audience. It also may not suit you to be constantly snapping video or images every day in your space, however, this does create more brand awareness and traction. Just remember, you can’t say it didn’t work if you haven’t tried it!

Feel free to add me when you get Snapchat for your business! michaelstechbar




I would say that Instagram is easily the best platform right now for promoting your business. Insta has over 500 million active users to date and continually growing.

If used correctly, this acts as your showcase for your business. Instagram works best when built like a piece of art, in the way of keeping things consistent to your branding colours and themes.

This really gives audiences an inside look and familiarity without them even walking through the door. Look at is a more sophisticated approach to a consistent feed like Snapchat, but higher quality. Making that connection with your customer before hand is very important as this achieves brand trust with your customers which is key. 

Generally with Instagram we have a wider range of ages here so content is presented semi professional with all ages in mind.

Keep an eye on this space for more info on Instagram strategies in the near future.

Check out my Instagram for my posts for some crafts ideas! @michaelstechbar


Email Marketing:


Lead generation is what we are directing all of the above platforms towards. This is the backbone of nurturing leads into clients/customers. It’s hands down the life blood and most important component of your business and without this you are leaving so much money on the table.

Once we gain a lead, customers go into a sales and nurture funnel which brings them value each couple of days to create brand trust and relationships directly.

Email marketing also allows us to constantly have access to our customers 24/7, with one blast we can notify of a flash sale, change of details or competitions.

Over the years of internet marketing, email has consistently been the backbone of sustaining steady income. Since then there has only been one new opportunity that has potential and that is Facebook Messenger bots. Most of the time each autoresponder now has this already integrated ready for when this takes off.


  • If you haven’t started with using email to nurture your clients, be sure to check out my resources page for my recommended email autoresponders and why I use them!



I hope this has been informative and insightful into what we use these platforms for and why.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this at all as it can be very overwhelming at first, don’t worry I’ll help you through it!

I’ll be creating video versions of all these posts to explain things a little better for you, so be sure to follow the blog and my social media!


To your success,



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