Facebook Page Essentials Checklist

Facebook Page Essentials Checklist

This is a SUPER in depth checklist that covers all bases from setting up for the first time to posting all the way through to paid advertising.
This is purely a checklist of steps that you will need to take from start to finish – if you have more in depth questions be sure to post in the comments or message me on the Michael’s Tech Bar page.

Facebook Checklist

With 1.09 million active daily users, Facebook is one of the best ways to market your business. However, it can also be overwhelming. Use this handy checklist to make sure each step is taken care of and that you don’t leave anything important out.

Setting Up

Steps to check off:
  • I have created my account and chosen a short, but professional and relevant username.
  • I have filled in all of my profile data with information that conveys what my business or brand is about. It is clean and concise and explains who I am, what I do and who my ideal followers are.
  • I have added a professional cover image that is relevant to my business
  • I have linked to my website or landing page in my profile.
  • I have added a recognizable profile picture of me rather than a company logo.
  • Set the “Tabs” which display next to your ‘about’ section to show whatever is a priority to your visitors. i.e. if you have physical products, display product images, if you have a physical store, make a tab for your location. If you host events, make an events tab.
Getting Started Tips

  • Create your Facebook page with a custom URL such as “facebook.com/yourcompany
  • Use your page to share updates and engage with your customers
  • Coordinate images such as cover photo, pinned post, profile call to action, etc for a uniformed look.
  • Invite your friends, customers & business contacts to your page
  • Be consistently active
    • Post several times daily and ensure it is relevant information
    • Respond to other users
    • Like & share other people’s content
    • Thank new followers
    • Respond to PMs
    • Follow new, relevant accounts
  • Use many types of content including text, video, slide shows, memes and more.
  • Include most of the following: Links, Call-to-actions, Current Events, a Product or a Service.
  • Ensure most of your posts are organic.
  • Segment some of your posts so they are only shown to those of a certain gender, age, education, etc.
  • Be authentic. Share what you like, dislike, etc. but don’t fake it.
  • Be responsive. When people comment, show them you are listening by commenting back or liking it.
  • Follow people strategically; seek out your competition and their audience.
  • Know your ideal follower & focus on them.
  • Give followers a sneak peek at your products, services or future ideas. Ask for their opinion.
  • Offer interesting topics, photos and videos to grab and keep readers’ attention.
  • Budget your Facebook time & stay organized so you don’t waste time.
  • Set realistic Facebook Marketing goals.
  • Use the search feature to help you find people to follow. Only follow relevant accounts.
  • Try to offer value in every post, share or advertisement.
  • Join and / or host a Facebook Live event
  • Develop a Facebook content strategy that includes:
    • Your target market
    • Relevant influencers you want to connect with
    • Overall goals (build brand awareness, generate traffic, etc.)
    • Your company’s “voice”
    • Future product launches as well as current events
    • How to plan to engage with users
    • Your schedule
  • Brand any image you use on Facebook
  • Track the success of your posts and replicate it for more engagement
  • Promote posts that are getting a lot of attention
  • Share other people’s content often when it’s relevant or it’s a person you want to notice you.
  • Call people out to thank them, congratulation them or to bring attention to them. (and yourself)
  • Ask questions can create polls.
  • Host contests to energize followers
  • If you have products, share images of them with links back to your sales pages.
  • Cross promote your Facebook account on other social media networks.
  • Add a “Share on Facebook” button to your website to make it easy for others to Tweet.
  • Always send a private message to important followers and influencers
  • Make business related hashtags. This helps keep them categorized by topic. It also allows followers to quickly view conversations they’re interested in.
  • Follow and engage with industry influencers.
  • Create ‘fill in the blank’ posts such as “If I could improve one thing about my health it would be ____”
  • Share testimonials
  • Share quotes that are meaningful to you and your followers
  • Create friends lists to organize users based on those lists. Set individual privacy settings for each list. Your lists might include:
    • Affiliates
    • Partners / Potential Partners
    • Customers
    • Prospects
    • Influencers
    • Staff/Team members
    • Competitors
    • Industry News
    • Family/Friends (non-business related)

Facebook Ads


  • You can purchase advertising Facebook for very little money so take advantage of it.
  • Have a specific objective or reason for your ad – to grow your followers, gain visibility, get more website clicks, share special offers, gain new leads, research, etc.
  • Include a clear and direct call to action.
  • Create custom audiences for your ads so you get more bang for your buck. This ensures you only pay for followers who are good for your business.
    • Create one for existing customers or subscribers and upload your mailing list addresses to this custom audience.
  • Use lookalike audiences to find people who are similar to your custom audiences.
  • Use keywords strategically. Choose words that people search, post about or engage with specifically.
  • Start small to test the waters.
  • If a particular post is getting a lot of attention, opt to boost the post.
  • Use Facebook Insights to measure your success.
  • Set a daily and a total budget to avoid overspending.
  • Include high-quality, eye-popping imagery plus excellent headlines and copy. A little humor won’t hurt either.
  • Use bitly.com or other link shortening service for URLs in your ad. You can use them to link to images as well.
  • Keep ads short and concise.
  • Don’t give up. Facebook ads work wonders if you run them over time. Once is not enough.

Use this checklist for at-a-glance tips for setting up and using Facebook.

I really hope this massive checklist has helped, be sure to tag your friends and let me know.

To your success,




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