How to post on Instagram – Essentials Checklist

Instagram Checklist

Using Instagram to build a loyal audience can seem daunting. This checklist helps ensure you cover everything to get started with Instagram on the right foot.

Setting Up Your Profile


Be sure to do some research on your audience before setting up your social media profiles because it’s best if all your social media profiles have the same or similarly memorable usernames.

  • Username: Can you use the same username for all your social networks or similar ones? Remember to try using an underscore if needed.
  • Profile/bio: Develop a well thought out profile for your biography for Instagram. You don’t have a lot of space so you need to use every word. Since it’s the only place you can have a clickable link, think carefully about which link you want to use.
  • Profile Pic: Get a special headshot for Instagram and keep it up for the long haul. This is how people know you on Instagram. Changing it too often will confuse people. But, due to this, make it really good.

Creating Content

  • Content Calendar: Use a spreadsheet or a calendar to create a plan of action for your content based on your promotions, the seasons, and your audience’s desires.
  • Repurpose: Remember that you can take content from elsewhere, reorganize it, make it appropriate for Instagram and reuse it.
  • Imagery: Instagram, more than other networks, is all about the beautiful visuals. Up your game by learning photography skills or outsourcing to a photographer/graphic designer to create amazing imagery.
  • Mix it up: Post promotional updates after about every four or five informational updates. Mix up the times, mix up the type of post, use images, video, and text in various lengths.
  • Hashtags: Use hashtags to make it easy for your audience to find you and add interest to your shares.
  • Engagement
  • Set Aside Time: On a regular basis set aside time to comment, like, and engage with your followers. They’ll love you for it.
  • Share Often: Share your updates often. Don’t worry about it being too much, but provide enough time between shares to keep your feeds from being back to back.
  • Apps & Add-ons


  • Automation: Instagram doesn’t really allow a lot of automation, but you can use software like to schedule posts that you push out manually when reminded on your device.
  • Metrics


  • Do The Numbers: You can’t know if what you’re doing is working if you don’t mind the numbers. Look at how many new followers you get, how much engagement you get and other things that are trackable.
  • Tips & Tricks


  • Find New Hashtags
  • Find New People to Follow via Your Competition
  • Engage Others by Tagging
  • Try Different Instagram Apps
  • Post Different Times a Day
  • Respond to Comments on Your Posts
  • Comment on Other People’s Posts
  • Ask Questions to Engage

This was a large list of things to do, if it’s helped you be sure to tag me @michaelstechbar in one of your posts on Instagram!

To you success,



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