How to use Facebook Live – Essentials Checklist

Facebook Live Checklist


Welcome to the next chapter in our essentials checklist series.

Using Facebook Live to build a loyal audience can seem daunting, but also exciting. This checklist helps ensure you cover everything to get started with using Facebook Live in a way that helps you build your audience, get more subscribers as well as creating buyers.



Gathering Tools



When creating video it’s important to remember that how it looks and sounds is important. It doesn’t have to look like a TV show, but you do want people to be able to hear you and see you.


  • Camera: You can use any camera with Facebook Live including your iPhone, Android phone, and tablets. Choose the one with the best camera.  There is a lot of tools and support that you can find for Facebook Live.


  • Lighting: It’s important to check the lighting for anyplace you want to film a video. If people can’t see you, or what you’re sharing with them, then the video is useless. You can find many lighting choices on Amazon.


  • Sound: It’s important to ensure that the sound you use is good. The sound probably won’t be that great with just the mic on your phone or computer so check out the various types of mics you can get to use for Facebook live events by doing a simple search on Amazon.


Creating Content



  • Know Your Point: before you start making a video, you need to know what it’s going to be about and what your point is. Do you want to make more sales, expand your audience, and get more subscribers? What you want to do will guide you in creating the content.


  • Put The Audience First: Everything you do is about your audience so it’s important that you put the audience first. Know them well enough to know whether they’d even watch a live event.


  • Make it Count: Never forget to tell the audience who you are and why you’re there multiple times during the event. Never forget the call to action either. If you don’t do that, you won’t convert.





  • Answer Questions: Your audience wants to know you’re listening to them so if you allow for Q & A during your event, or host a Q & A only event, you’ll make the audience very happy.


  • Ask Them To Share: Several times during your live event in addition to stating your name, why you’re there and your CTA be sure to also ask the audience to share this video with anyone who might want to see it.


Apps & Add-ons


  • Livestream: In order to conduct a live stream from your desktop you can download livestream to any page or group that you own so that you can use that software to help you.


  • Mentions App: Formerly available only to public figures this app helps you get your message out to more people.




  • Mind the Numbers: One awesome thing about Facebook Live is all the stats you can see when it’s happening and when it’s over.  Use that information to get better.


Tips & Tricks



  • Be Yourself
  • Choose the Right Audience
  • Conduct Regular Events
  • Include a Call To Action
  • Edit & Repurpose Your Video  

I hope this next post in the series has helped a lot.

Be sure to leave a comment and share with a friend that could benefit from this.

To your success,




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