How to use LinkedIn – Essentials Checklist

LinkedIn Checklist


As a business networking site, LinkedIn is one of the best. There are a number of ways to market yourself and your business without a lot of hassle. Use this handy checklist to make sure each step is taken care of and that you don’t leave anything important out.


Setting Up


  • I have signed up for an account.
  • I have created a rock-solid profile that includes:
    • Information that conveys what my business or brand is about.
    • A summary of who I am, what I do and who my ideal followers are.
      • It’s keyword rich
      • Is written in first-person
      • Contains contact details
      • Includes my website URL, blog link, company URL, social networking accounts and sites that provide professional information about me.
        • Customize the links with keywords
    • Employment & education history
    • Skills and Endorsements
    • Volunteer experience & supported causes
    • A professional headshot myself (not a casual selfie) that takes up 60% of the frame.
    • Projects you are proud of that are relative to your goals (use links!)
    • Work samples, publications, awards, etc.
    • My professional certification like MD, DDS (optional)


  • I added a video to my profile (under summary works)
    • Make the video short, no more than a minute or two.
    • Ensure that your lighting is great so that your face shows up well
    • Dress appropriately (hey if they only see your head, just wear a nice shirt)
    • Practice what you’ll say
    • Remember to talk directly to your audience and look at the camera
    • Tell them what problems you solve for them
    • Give them an idea on how to contact you and tell them to read your entire profile.


Getting Started Tips

  • Establish your professional goals for using LinkedIn. Keep this in mind with everything you do on the site.
  • Request recommendations from people you have worked with in the past.
  • Request recommendations from new customers/clients as you complete their projects.
  • Under “settings” you can adjust your activity broadcasts, who can view your activity feed, etc.
  • Include short links in your updates to generate higher engagement.
  • Use a link shortening service like to create short links for your updates.
  • Updates that help your followers be more successful covert a higher number of viewers into loyal followers.
  • Check your profile regularly to keep it updated.
  • Post an “update” a few times a week
  • Publish a post at least weekly
  • Start new discussions in other people’s groups weekly
  • Start new discussions in your space a few times a week
  • Add documents, photos, and links to your work and presentations that are relevant.
  • Ask one or two people a week for a recommendation (make it personal and only ask those you know)
  • Comment on discussions and engage with other members
  • Invite at least one person a week to connect with you
  • Ask for introductions
  • Set aside time each week to work on your LinkedIn Page
  • Consider starting a company page












  • Use many types of content such as text, presentations, documents and photos.
  • Include most of the following: Links, Call-to-actions, Current Events, a Product or a Service.
  • Ensure most of your updates are organic and they all offer value.
  • Make your content compelling.
  • Follow people strategically; seek out your competition and their audience.
  • Know your ideal follower & focus on them.
  • Get and stay organized so you don’t waste time.
  • Use the search feature to help you find people to follow. Only follow relevant people.
  • Join and actively participate in targeted groups
  • Brand any image you use on LinkedIn
  • Recommend others without them having to ask (but only if you feel they are worthy of it)
  • Call people out to thank them, congratulation them or to bring attention to them. (and yourself)
  • Ask questions of your viewers
  • Ask for help when you need feedback or are looking for a recommendation about a product or service you are interested in
  • Share resources and freebies
  • Hold a contest
  • Offer a sneak peek or behind the scenes look at your product, your business or whatever customers may be interested in but normally don’t see.
  • If you have products, share images of them with links back to your sales pages.
  • Share business related photos; photos of your business, events you’re attending, training seminars, etc.
  • Share job openings within your company
  • Post inspiration, motivation, advice and humor posts.
  • Share business related announcements; product launches, awards, new staff, etc.
  • Post Industry related articles that would be of interest to your followers
  • Follow and engage with industry influencers.



Use this checklist for at-a-glance tips for setting up and using LinkedIn.


I hope this essentials checklist has really given you the edge.


Be sure to leave a comment and share this with a friend to help them out too!


To your success.




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