About me

Hi, my name is Michael and this is my story.

First things first, people don’t take me seriously because I don’t look my age. For some reason I have kept a baby face throughout my years and that has come with some great perks but also some disadvantages – but don’t let that fool you!

On one hand, people love talking to me and dealing with me because I am very charismatic and create great client relationships. But on the other hand I walk into a liquor store and I get stared down as if I should be left out in the playground. 😛


Anyway I digress.

I decided to get into marketing when I was around 17, this is when I took my first steps in the direction to my future, little did I know that I would end up where I am today.

I’ve been inspired by many many business ideas and chased after them, things from multi level marketing to network marketing to affiliate marketing. In the end after chasing my tail I failed to see the most important asset that I had – Me.

In a previous life in a town far away, I worked for a big company where I really found my feet and made over 150 client relationships. I worked with some of the best people in town and they’ve left me with experiences I will never forget.

“It was here that I realized that I have a passion for helping people.”

At first I didn’t understand what this meant or how I could go about business without pushing useless products that I thought would sell, onto people that didn’t want them.


It’s only been up until recently that it hit me – I need to help people who have a craving for something more to work towards their own freedom!

Helping people grow and succeed in this world is what drives me and what I believe I was brought into this world to do.

If you’ve got this far and you’re as passionate to grow your online business with someone you can get to know and have fun with, make sure you check out my Youtube channel and other social links.

Hear from you soon!

Michael Williams.

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